As a developer and as a consultant, Rebees engages in experiential place creation – the development of brick-and-mortar concepts that conjure a special reality of their own and that resonate with people emotionally. We work across the spectrum of uses, collaborating with clients and partners to develop real estate projects, hotels, restaurants, and retail brands that deliver uniquely immersive experiences. All are either grounded by a compelling narrative anchor (such as a unique and expressive restaurant that animates meaningfully a mixed-use development), or serve on their own as a narrative anchor for a district, neighborhood or project. Quite often, these projects incorporate food and beverage in an innovative manner, while seeking to embrace and celebrate compelling expressions of local culture.

Examples of active or recently completed Rebees engagements include:

  • partnering with a real estate company to develop a dining- and entertainment-focused mixed-use project
  • helping a hotel investment firm design-concept several boutique hotel brands built around unique restaurant offerings
  • leading the development of a food hall inside a large retail center, which serves as the center’s narrative anchor
  • helping a real estate company transform a major indoor mall into a dining and entertainment mecca
  • partnering with an accomplished restaurateur to develop a new dining and nightlife concept
  • working with a development company to reposition an urban retail district around dynamic food and beverage programming that becomes its narrative anchor
  • creating a co-working concept that incorporates a café and retail gallery
  • creating a new restaurant concept inspired by high-end saloons of the late 19th-century

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