Tristan Simon

Tristan founded Rebees in 2014 and leads strategy and business development for the company. Tristan grew up in London and Virginia and graduated from Duke University with degrees in English and Economics. Prior to starting Rebees, Tristan founded and spent 15 years leading Consilient, a restaurant and hotel management company best known for creating acclaimed dining and entertainment brands in Dallas, Fort Worth, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Tristan is also credited with the transformation of Henderson Avenue in Dallas from a benighted neighborhood into a vibrant dining and retail district. Outside of Rebees, Tristan enjoys watching MMA fights, educating himself about particle physics, and spending time with his wife Jen and three dogs.

Taryn Anderson

Taryn Anderson

Taryn leads concept and tenant operations for Rebees. Shortly after graduating from the University of Minnesota in 1999, Taryn joined the management ranks at Consilient, helping propel the Dallas-based hospitality company from a single restaurant into a celebrated consortium of dining brands in multiple states. After holding a variety of operational posts Taryn became Consilient’s Vice President of Operations prior to joining Rebees in 2015. In addition to keeping the lights on at Rebees, Taryn is a high-energy yogi, outstanding cook, and super-mom of two.

Dave Bennion

Dave Bennion

Dave leads corporate and financial operations for Rebees. He studied International Relations at Stanford, where he also played basketball.  After beginning his career in management consulting and going on to earn his MBA at BYU, Dave earned his stripes in real estate leading masterplan entitlement and development efforts in California, followed by a move to the east coast where he became a partner with a private equity real estate firm sourcing and underwriting acquisition opportunities and overseeing portfolio assets across the spectrum of real estate uses.  Dave has an impressive track record providing great book and movie recommendations, and he loves getting outdoors and spending time with his wife Jen and their four children.

Amy Castellanos

Amy leads real estate operations for Rebees.  A graduate of the University of Texas with a degree in Finance, Amy spent five years in private wealth management at Bank of America before returning to UT to earn an MBA in real estate finance and development. Upon receiving her MBA, Amy joined Hines, where she worked for nine years in real estate development prior to moving to Regent Properties and leading the redevelopment of the Texas Instruments campus in Plano, Texas. Outside of work, Amy and her husband Luis enjoy spending time with their four children.

Fran Mayo

Fran leads Creative Operations and Brand conceptualization at Rebees. Raised all over the world – including in France, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and China – she majored in Urban Studies (with a concentration in economics) at Columbia University’s Barnard College. After graduating in 2015, she moved to Detroit as part of an entrepreneurship fellowship called Venture for America, changing course in 2016 to become a creative placemaker at Rebees. Outside of work, Fran enjoys learning about the history of American music, cooking new recipes, and walking around her neighborhood with her French Bulldog, Chunky Baby.

Matt Ford

Matt Ford

Matt Ford leads culinary operations at Rebees and currently serves as Executive Chef at Rebees’ restaurant concept Billy Can Can. Matt fell in love with cooking as a kid, growing up in Kansas and helping his mom make bierocks – German meat-filled pastries – or chili. When a sixth-grade aptitude test predicted he’d excel in a career as a chef, Matt ran with it – going on to attend culinary school in Kansas City, then working in top restaurants there (American Restaurant, Bluestem) and in Dallas (Craft, Bolsa, CBD Provisions), and picking up a level 1 sommelier certification along the way. Prior to joining Rebees, he was executive chef at Americano at the Joule Hotel. Matt and his wife Adrienne have three children, aptly named Kale, Olive and Rye.

Orrin Emanoil

Orrin Emanoil leads accounting and administrative operations at Rebees. A Michigan native and Certified Public Accountant, Orrin attended the University of Mississippi, where she earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in accounting.  Prior to joining Rebees, Orrin spent three years in the asset management division of KPMG, performing audits in construction, real estate and real estate investment. Orrin enjoys techno music and trying new restaurants as they emerge around town.

Ginger Mayo

Ginger Mayo leads Retail programming and supports Creative at Rebees. Raised all over the world (with her Rebees colleague and older sister Fran), Ginger is a graduate of Columbia University’s Barnard College. She majored in Urban Studies with a concentration in Sociology, enhancing her studies with professional stints at Atlantic Records, Reformation and Hearst. Outside of work, Ginger enjoys riding her bike, cooking for her friends, and expanding her already encyclopedic knowledge of popular culture.

Amber Wang

Amber Wang leads technology strategy and development at Rebees. A native Houstonian, she earned a Mechanical Engineering degree and led a student design studio at Rice University. After graduating, she joined Credera – a management and technology consulting firm – where she catalyzed technology-enabled business solutions for organizations across industries, specializing in innovation and design strategy. Amber dabbles in a lifelong hobby of making art, from joining a dance crew to painting portraits.

Matt Ragan

Matt Ragan leads Food and Beverage programming at Rebees. While Matt completed a History and Business degree at the University of Kansas, most of his work experience is rooted in hospitality and F&B. Matt has spent the last 18 years running high end cocktail programs across major metropolitan cities, including NYC, LA and now Dallas. From the nationally regarded Pisticci Ristorante in NYC to La Cachette and Westside Tavern in LA, Matt steered his direction towards Dallas, where he oversaw the revitalization, development and operations of Hibiscus and Victor Tango. In 2016, Matt took over as Beverage Director for 8020 Hospitality (HG Sply, Hero, Gung Ho) running high volume, craft programs across multiple concepts doing $24 million in LBW sales a year. Outside of work, Matt enjoys researching current trends in the attempts to reconcile quantum physics and general relativity, hiking, world travel and brewing beer.